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August 2010 28-29 August 2010 - I took the train to Tønsberg for a CT scan (waiting list 2 months in Oslo). Then on to Sandefjord for the weekend. Pictures are the cute white houses by the waterfront, a viking ship replica with its snake decoration. Kari working... Saturday night sunset, a visit to Agniesjka and Bjørn Inge for coffee and cake. And I took this pic of a bee ravaging the only sunflower on the balcony. We also caught up with Grethe and Stein.

24 August 2010 - Visitors from Italy Inger Johanne and Camilla stayed overnight.

22 August 2010 - Astrid, her cousin Frederick and I visited the Vigeland and Polish sculptors' exhibition.

20 August 2010 - Sometimes I find it hard to believe that this stream is 30 meters from our front door. And... yes the moon shot... still trying with the neighbour's telescope.

14 August 2010 - Harald played the role of Dr. Begriffenfeldt, director of the madhouse at Cairo, in the famous Henrik Ibsen play Peer Gynt. We drove up to Hadeland Folk Museum to watch the last performance set amongst the old buildings.

10 August 2010 - My brother Alan has been researching our uncle (Leslie Frank Lawley) who died during pilot training in Canada 67 years ago.

8 August 2010 - Siri & Espen arriving at their reception. Ken & Kari at the reception later in the night. Eva & Bjarne from the 10th floor Gullkroken. And our neighbour's Polish/Italian visitors invited us in for coffee. Rainbow over Oppegård.

7 August 2010 - Kari's cousin Siri got married in the oldest building left standing in Oslo. They started building in 1100.The party finished at 2am and we had to drag Harald away....

6 August 2010 - Eva and Bjarne drop in for a visit - they must have heard we were having prawns for dinner!

3 August 2010 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Peter (my little brother). In Oslo, August weather continues on with the same unstable weather we've had all summer long. But a couple of sunny days - view south from our roof, and from the path leading up to our building. A pic of and me with new haircut and Stephen with his new glasses - cool Steve! oh, and Michael's latest facebook profile pic.... mmmmmmm!
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July 2010
30 July 2010 - Kari looking after the next door neighbour's cat.

23-24 July 2010 - Finally a fine sunny day after a colourful sunset over Holmenkollen. We headed for Bogstadvannet (lake) but decided the water was still too cold for us.But it was a perfect evening for bbq spare ribs on the balcony.

18 July 2010 - Sandefjord was windy and wet so no beach trip this weekend! Relaxed with the family. Synne was mesmerised by the sunbeam!

17 July 2010 - Stein's 50th Birthday party in Sandefjord. Started with some 'warm up' games then onto the feast. Mostly prawns and mussells (yumm) followed by icecream and cake.. Katrine made the only speech and I made a small ppt presentation.

12 July 2010 - Friday evening at Herregårdskro in Frognerparken with Anita. Crab on our balcony in the afternoon sun. Big thunderstorm over Oslo (1000 strikes). Hopeless photographer - managed to get a bit of one strike.

6 July 2010 - Then the train from Mantova to Bologna (yes the home of Spaghetti Bolognese). Some tourist wandering and back to the airport to get the Ryanair flight back to Torp, followed by a bustrip to Oslo, and a 20 minute walk home - phew!

4-5 July 2010 - It was still 36° as we boarded the train for Mantova to visit Inger-Johanne and Camilla. It was good to relax. Sandro came around for dinner.

3 July 2010 - Verona: we walked around the old town all day (including a visit to the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony) before heading back to the Arena to get tickets for AIDA. What a spectacular - the sets were amazing, hundreds of performers.

2 July 2010 - Finally after years of waiting we get to Verona to see the opera in the 2000 year old Roman Arena di Verona. Wasn't that easy - we took a bus to Sandefjord, Bjarne drove us to Torp airport, 2 and a half hour flight to Bologna, overnight, then train for 90 minutes to Verona. Temperature was 36° but Our hotel was only a 15 min walk from the station and from the Arena. Madame Butterfly was the first opera - fantastic atmosphere, costumes and scenery.

June 2010
27 June 2010 - Pizza night at Astrid's. We cycle down and back. Great light evening.

26 June 2010 - Thunderstorm rages across Oslo. From our apartment we could watch the full moon (I finally managed to get it not so bright), the sun setting and then at 0230 in the morning it rising in the north.

23 June 2010 - Sankthans...or Mid sommer - we cycled down to the Folk Museum for an evening of entertainment with Harald and Torunn. Then down to Bygdøynes for a late picnic.

21 June 2010 - Summer solstice orlongest day of the year. Pics were taken at 2234; 2310; 0004. Kari's pic was around 2230 at night.

20 June 2010 - We drive to Sandefjord for the weekend. Water temp still around 17°C.

16 June 2010 - Peter and the boys and I walk from Songsvann to Ullevålseter and return after lunch. About a 12 km round trip - the boys were a bit legweary. Late showers.

13 June 2010 - Australian friends Peter & Lill and children come around for dinner and we watch the Aussies get beaten by Germany. The flag didn't help.

12 June 2010 - Our next door neighbour made me a yummy strawbery & rhubarb pie in return for fixing their wireless network. Burning the midnight oil!

11 June 2010 - Kim sent these pics of Zach's birthday cake and a few presents.

8 June 2010 - Eva and Bjarne have returned from 2 weeks in Croatia. They stayed on an island called Hvar in a medieval harbour town called Hvar. Their apartment overlooked the town square but was up a lot of steps. While there they visited another island for lunch.

7 June 2010 - Harald's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY mate! I'm getting a bit carried away with the ease of these headshots in Picasa.... Kari & I walked the 3 km uphill to Finnerud. It was a Parkinson's society function - most people had to be transported by shuttle bus.

5 June 2010 - We meet up wih Harald and Synne in Frognerparken.

3 June 2010 - George's 70th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY mate! 4 June 2010 - Zach's 7th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Zach!

2 June 2010 - All 3 buildings got together for a 50 year building party. Friday night in Frognerparken - relaxing.

1 June 2010 - Sunset over Holmenkollen. Summer is here - We started our exercise walks around the lake Sognsvann.

May 2010
30 May 2010 - The moon over Oslo a few nights ago. Kari the master gardener relaxing in the 'garden'!

27 May 2010 - Mixed group of piccies: Our Polish neighbours waving; Mum with Henry (thanks Carol); Synne the angel (thanks Hege); Strange clouds last night at 1am in the morning; and the green invasion continues.

21 May 2010 - 'Summer' is here, plus 24 yesterday so I could sit in the sun and lookup at our building. Then got the bikes out of mothballs and serviced them. We had our first ride down to pump the tires at the local servo. Today was the first cutting of the grass for the season - by Per Erling the Vaktmester. And the sun setting in the clouds last night!

17 May 2010 - Oslo: 0800 all the flags started going up. We wandered in Frognerparken and downtown - it looks deserted but people were about. Then back home for a nice lunch with Anita before inviting the neighbours in for coffee and dessert. Roland tried on my bunad - mmmmm I had a slim body like that once.

16 May 2010 - Sandefjord: Sunday we caught up with Eli (lives in the US) at Grethe & Stein's place. Poor Ida - crushed by her dad! And dinner with Eva & Bjarne before driving back to Oslo in horrible weather.

15 May 2010 - Sandefjord: Saturday we caught up with Malcolm and Anne Grethe, and Arijana (without Christoffer). Malcolm and Arijana are from my norwegian class at the Breili School for Adult Immigrants. Two English friends from Portsmouth came along for the fun.

13 May 2010 - Nice sunset over Holmenkollen last night. Laila and Sunna dropped in for dinner.

10 May 2010 - Sunday walk down to Frognerparken for Kari's first 'utepils' (beer- sitting outside). Anita dropped in for a while.

8 May 2010 - Carol sent a cuppla pics: Henry George and Mum with Mothers Day flowers we sent. Harald F skiing north of Finse - still snow there. Our neighbours - a few drinks on the roof as the sun set yesterday. The light at about 9.30 pm tonight.

4 May 2010 - Just when one started to feel that Summer wasn't far away..... Snow and sleet all morning here in Oslo. Temp dropped to 1.

3 May 2010 - Eva and Bjarne stayed overnight with us. I made them bacon and eggs on the Weber before putting them on the bus back to Sandefjord. The hand improves.

2 May 2010 - Finally a birthday party for Synne (3) and Lena (1)....... or was this their 3rd or 4th party?
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April 2010
28 April 2010 - With the snow gone everything looks so brown at the moment. Another 'trigger finger' operation - I'm running out of fingers. Speaking of Parkinson meds......

25 April 2010 - Kim and Stephen return from Adelaide with a Bronze medal - Congratulations. Kim was coach of the Queensland Basketball team (Special Olympics) and Stephen was a player.

24 April 2010 - I was invited to participate in the annual Oppegård wood splitting day. In return for a good days work Harald cooked Ragnar and I a nice dinner!

23 April 2010 - Time flys at the moment - must be the medication! Kari & I went to Parkinson Day in a nice old building in Oslo. Lena & Synne have been sick all week but look ready for their birthday party tomorrow. Dinner out with Astrid and Kari on the balcony enjoying a friday night glass. Picture of Bjarne in his confirmation suit.

11 April 2010 - Time to change from winter to summer tyres. It could still snow but heres hoping.... And we did our first grill on the balcony for the year - bacon and eggs of course - the new holmenkollen jump in the background. Then off to babysit Synne & Lena for the afternoon.

8 April 2010 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHEN! We had some birthday cake and a 'skål' for you..

6 April 2010 - Spring is here - or so Kari says! We saw the first signs as we walked to Frognerparken this afternoon.

4 April 2010 - Easter Saturday: The ski tracks were good and we went for a short 7km circuit at the base of Numedalshøgda. Torunn looked after us with the traditional oranges and Kvikklunsj chocolate bars. Easter Sunday: The men's & women's ski-teams went their own way and I went for a walk. Easter Monday: The others cleaned the hytte while I cleaned my skis before driving down the mountainside again.

2 April 2010 - Good Friday: we drove from Oslo to Dakkeset via the west side of Tinnsjø (Lake Tinn). This added a few km to the trip but the roads were less tricky (for me). There was rain and at higher levels some sleet but overall a good trip.

2 April 2010 - HAPPY EASTER - GOD PÅSKE.....
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March 2010
28 March 2010 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVA - 85 today and Anita - age undeclared! We celebrated at Harald & Hege's with venison as the main meal and plenty of cakes for dessert.

26 March 2010 - The Easter break started with champagne and pizza at Astrid's afterwork drop-in!

21 March 2010 - Babysitting day.... Synne and Lena entertain us. Synne and I get caught diving into the icecream.

19 March 2010 - Start of the warmer weather. Can be a grey time and made more boring by the gravel in the snow/ice. Our local lake is still frozen over. My SAAB after a wash on its icy parking area.

14 March 2010 - Holmenkollen Day. We picked up Harald, Hege & the kids and in convoy with their neighbours headed for Holmenkollen for the first major skijump competition on the new jump. Looks very impressive close up.

12 March 2010 - While we watch snow related sports here in Oslo back in Brissie Kim, Michael & Zach go to see the Broncos and Kim & Stephen get presented with their uniforms for the next national Special Olympics.

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February 2010
27 February 2010 - Some pics from our garage area and one from the bedroom window towards the new Holmenkollen ski jump.

26 February 2010 - The winter olympics has been keeeping me busy inside. Outside in Oslo it has snowed every day, temperatures from minus five to minus 18°C. At the moment it has warmed to minus 1°. Picture of a cold SAAB on a -18° day. In Sandefjord Bjarne has been shovelling snow non-stop. Eva sent some contrasting pics of her brother Bengt & wife Anita enjoying the warmth of a camel ride to the Dead Sea.

17 February 2010 - Back to winter in Oslo. Minus 10° and snowing every day. Holmenkollen is nearly finished and the lights have come back on every night. Old pic from Fiji diving days.

14 February 2010 - Bangkok - airport hotel. Comfortable, nice pool to relax around, and a Valentines Day special massage in the Spa. The airport from my hotel window. Meanwhile Kari flew to Stockholm to have the weekend with Anne-Sofie, Jonny & Kalle. BBQ in the snow - the Swedes know how to live!

13 February 2010 - Saturday, still a warm 30°. We had a farewell BBQ round the pool before heading for the airport - next stop Bangkok.

10 February 2010 - BSOD - The dreaded blue screen of death (computer talk) wiped my programs completely. I managed to save my data (photos, documents etc). More socialising with the family.

8 February 2010 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kim!! While Kim relaxes at Airlie Beach I keep the pool levels down after all the rain, Eva sent a picture from a sunset in Sandefjord, and Kari sent some of the workers doing something to our garages! Recognise the fisherman? Kim's new car.

6 February 2010 - Great to have all this time with family (in between doctor visits). Kim & Michael took advantage of a little relaxing massage. Kim reducing her stress levels!

3 February 2010 - Just had a few days of wind & rain as a cyclone passes over Queensland. Spent a few days up at Carol & Georges with Doris/Grandma. In Oslo the snow continues. Bjarne & I relax on opposite sides of the planet. Some flowers from Kim's garden.
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January 2010
30 January 2010 - More great weather. I get to spend more time with the family & catch up with Carol & George, and Doris/Mum. I found an old photo of this suntanned guy - anyone recognise him?

26 January 2010 - Kari and Anita went to Sandefjord for the weekend. Also a pic from our kitchen window. And Australia Day around the pool.

24 January 2010 - What can I say - great weather continues. We dropped into Mum/Doris for morning tea.

22 January 2010 - Temperatures still around 30°. My room with a view, 'office' table by the poolside, more of Zach in the pool, Kim working for SO, & dinner at the local chinese restaurant.

18 January 2010 - With 36° outside it was time for an icecream with Zach and then back to the pool at Kim's.

17 January 2010 - It was 33° in Brisbane. Visited Mum today. Kari had a party with our neighbours while Kim & I feasted on huge steaks and mangoes! Hege & Synne enjoying the snow in Oslo.

16 January 2010 - Fine & warm in Brisbane, around 30° (PLUS) - but not too humid. Nothing to do but lie around the pool & enjoy family time with Kim, Stephen, Michael & Zach.

14 January 2010 - Still in Bangkok. The hotel has some nice eating areas but I decided on a spicy green curry in my room - it'll be the last one for a while! Today a little more around the pool and some walking training. In amongst the high rise - the old buildings, and my room orchid.

13 January 2010 - It's warm..... Plus 32° in Bangkok today. My room on the 16th floor overlooks the Chao Phraya river. It's great to see the tropical flowers again after the whiteness of Norway. This morning I found the pool and the fitness center.

6 January 2010 - It's cold..... Minus 22° in Oslo today, was 19 yesterday & 20 tomorrow. The sun rose about 0940 over a still snowy landscape. Later I took this pic of the skijump construction. I have an assortment of pics from Michael & Penny at: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triumph & eating frogs legs.

2 January 2010 - Time for a little fresh air (in -10°C), we wandered down to Frognerparken in time for the 3 pm sunset. Our favourite cafe was closed for the winter, the ducks didn't seem to mind the icy water, and I made time for an ice cream - Kari freezes just watching me.

31 December 2009 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Anita dropped in for a cuppa. We stayed home this year and enjoyed the fantastic view of Oslo exploding all around us. We drank our champagne and went up to the roof and watched the finale with our neighbours. Only -8°C.
December 2009